The Boat & Crew

The Boat

Fishing in Mojacar & GarruchaOur boat, Edmund, was built here in the port of Garrucha. The hull is a Dimar design, constructed of fibreglass, and fitted with a 2.5l Vetus Marine inboard diesel engine. This is ideal for inshore fishing, trolling & jigging purposes.

The Captain

Pugwash PeteAs you've probably guessed, my name is Pete ....... Pugwash Pete! I have been an avid hobby fisherman for most of my life. I moved to Spain in 2009 and, after taking my captains exams,  I bought myself a boat.

Since then I have been arranging pleasure fishing trips; local fishing clubs and holidaymakers from 5 to 90 years old! I enjoy the fishing in and around the Mojacar, Garrucha & Villaricos areas where you can fish depths from 20 feet to holes of 300 to 800 feet - exciting stuff as you never know what you will catch next!